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About The Atlanta Region’s Plan

The Atlanta Region’s Plan is a long-range blueprint that details the investments that will be made over the next 20 years to ensure metro Atlanta’s future success and improve the region’s quality of life.

The plan, developed with robust public input, aims to “Win the Future” by providing world-class infrastructure, building a competitive economy and ensuring the region is comprised of healthy, livable communities.

It incorporates all of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s (ARC) planning areas – transportation, community development, water resources, aging & health services and workforce development.

The plan aims to: improve mobility by investing over $93 billion in the region’s transportation infrastructure; create more vibrant, walkable communities; meet the needs of the region’s fast-growing population of older adults; and ensure a supply of clean, abundant water.

Winning the Future Diagram - World Class Infrastructure, Healthy Livable Communities, Competitive Economy

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